The inspiration for the articles in this blog have many sources but if I had to choose one it would be this:

Marcel Proust (for who better to guide us?) hated cliché, not so much because they contain false ideas but because, if we keep saying the same thing, then we will believe that this the last rather than the first to be said on a subject.

Mindful of this, the articles, reviews and essays in this blog stem from an acceptance that a subject, in and of itself, is immutable – the death penalty, global warming, war, for instance can all be easily defined in a sentence. How they arise, what motives of those behind them and how they might affect us, are not so easily pinned down. Being coffee shop philosophers and no more than semi-enlightened fools, we don’t seek quidity, this we leave to the professionals. What we do strive for is a certain freshness and if not the absolute essence, then a good whiff of it – ‘wake up and smell the coffee‘ if you will.

Oh! Sh*t – that’s a cliché.

Enjoy reading and please join the debate.



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